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African Mango

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Our African Mango supplement has been designed to work in tandem with the Official HCG Diet Drops to increase one's metabolism, provide an energy spark, sharpen alertness, and absorb cholesterol through its inherent fiber content. Some combination, huh? And all specifically formulated for the HCG diet. 

Each person reacts differently when commencing the Official HCG Diet Drops, and different physical characteristics in each dieter may need some coaxing and coaching along the way as they adapt to a 500-calorie-a-day diet. This is where our African Mango comes in, smoothing out the transition for your body to a restricted diet. 

African Mango sports the Latin name of Irvingia Gabonensis, which is also the core ingredient in the fiber-rich supplement. Remember, our African Mango is clinically proven to help enhance every aspect of the HCG Diet Drops Protocol. Confidently get yours today. 

Take the HCG Challenge! 

We have the utmost confidence in all of our products and especially in the weight-loss potential of our Official HCG Diet Drops Protocol. Thus we will pay you $10 if you're not 100 percent satisfied with your results during the first week on the Official HCG Diet Drops. Simply return the program (package) after seven days of use (but within 90 days of purchase), and we will refund you in full for the product -- and throw in the extra $10 for your trouble. 

Why the Official HCG Diet Drops? 

When buying from us, you're getting the finest in high-quality products, starting with our HCG diet program packages and continuing with all the fine supplements and other packages we offer. We at the Official HCG Diet Drops offer the industry's finest guarantee with our 90-day-, no-questions-asked, money-back vow. In addition to this guarantee, consider all these other benefits: 

. Free Same-Day Shipping on All Orders
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. Not Only the Finest Guarantee, but a $10 Bonus if You Don't Get Full Satisfaction in a Week!
. Every Program Ships with a Complete Diet Guide and Recipes
. Unparalleled Customer Service for All, Even Non-Customers
. No Recurring Billing and Complete Credit Card Security
. Endorsed by experts for Weight Loss

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